Photos: 2022 Grand Vitara Mild Hybrid Manual Review

Last Updated on September 21, 2022 by Team Autoive

The version of the Grand Vitara now is the Mild Hybrid Manual and if you go strictly by Price this is the Entry Point to the Grand Vitara range.

2022 Grand Vitara Mild Hybrid Manual Engine

Mild Hybrid Manual runs a 1.5-liter four-cylinder naturally aspirated Petrol Engine with mild hybrid Tech that brings you an integrated Starter generator it packs in Auto Stop-start Tech and there’s mild electric assist when you’re accelerating hard.

Maru tiGrand Vitara Hybrid Manual

The engine makes 103 hp and 136-newton meters and if it all sounds familiar that’s because of the Same engine Powers the Ertiga XL6 and New Brezza.


Now let’s start with the Good things this is a very friendly easy going car if the majority of your time is going to be spent within City confines. For starters, it’s got a Light Clutch and the FiveSpeed Gearbox doesn’t require much effort.

Power delivery is nice and clean right from low speeds and you’ll also find that the engine responds quite well to Gentle prods on the accelerator pedal much as you would make in City driving.

The other plus is that the engine runs quietly be it at low City speeds or out on the highway, if you maintain a steady Cruise of 100 kph you’ll find that the engine is just under 3000 RPM.

Maruti Grand Vitara Hybrid Manual

Now that’s quite high as petrol engines go but remember this is a Five-Speed Gearbox an additional ratio would have got that figured down.

Maruti Grand Vitara Hybrid Manual

But on the Plus side, it doesn’t feel like the engine is trained and overall refinement is quite impressive. But if you associate SUVs with bungee performance, the grand Vitara is a Mild Hybrid that won’t excite.

This Mild Hybrid with a manual transmission delivers a class-best 21.11 kpl in the official test cycle

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