2023 Hyundai Mini SUV Spied: A Big Rival For Punch

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2023 Hyundai Mini SUV Spied: Hyundai’s 2023 Hyundai Mini SUV has been spotted in white color with new dual-tone alloy tires and a sunroof. This car is from Hyundai Company and will compete with TATA Punch in the Indian car market. The TATA Punch base model is priced at 6 lakhs ex-showroom.

2023 Hyundai Mini SUV Spied

The spy photo of Hyundai’s codename (Ai3) looks to be production-ready. Hyundai’s Creta and Venue SUVs are selling quite well, and demand for these vehicles is increasing.

However, no other SUV is offered below Hyundai Company’s Venue in that bracket, which allows Hyundai Company to introduce its Hyundai Mini SUV vehicle in the Indian car market, in which Tata Company’s Punch vehicle also competes.

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Key Features

2023 Hyundai Mini SUV Spied A Big Rival For Punch
2023 Hyundai Mini SUV Spied

The Spy shots show that this Hyundai SUV will have H-shaped LED elements in the headlights and taillights, as well as roof rails on the exterior, a sunroof, and a shark fin antenna.

And an interior. It has features such as a touch screen, and the company may offer such features in this SUV that its competitors currently offer in this segment.

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Exterior Features

The vehicle that was spotted this time was in South Korea, but it is not the first time; previously, the car was spotted with the same Hyundai Ai3 codename, and according to the previous spy shot, it had a grey color and a higher trim level.

There was also a high-spec model and a lower-spec model, both of which were spotted separately, but this time you will get a 4-spoke design on alloy wheels, and this SUV will be white, according to the spy images.




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