Creta Facelift 2023 Top 5 Exterior Designs Changes

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Creta Facelift 2023 Top 5 Designs Changes: The Hyundai Creta has been in the Indian market for quite some time now it was given a facelift just before the pandemic.

Now it’s time for yet another significant facelift, the Creta started looking a lot more radical compared to the model that debuted in the Indian market and now they’ve gone even more radical.

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This design is inspired by the new Hyundai Tucson, Creta Facelift 2023 facelift to be displayed at Auto Expo 2023 held in Greater Noida from 13th to 18th January 2023.

Exterior Designs:

The dimensions of the Creta Facelift 2023 remain unchanged but you won’t mistake it for any other car from the Hyundai lineup thanks to its unique shape and silhouette.

1. Tucson-inspired Front Design:

Tucson-inspired Front Design Tucson-inspired Front Design
Tucson-inspired Front Design

The big change in the Hyundai Tucson-inspired design is discrete daytime running lights so what you get now is three lights the shape of which is exactly similar to the detailing that you see on the grill and when they go off they are completely discreet they are hidden you can’t really see them.

2. Headlights Changes:

Headlights Changes
Headlights Changes

The headlights had a three-part arrangement on the current generation of the Creta when it goes out what you get with the new car are these two port headlights.

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And then you also get the turn linkers that are integrated right within this assembly it’s a very handsome-looking design it has completely changed the look of the Creta Facelift 2023 for the third time now and it’s going to go down very well with the Indian audience.

3. Front Grille Changes:

Front Grille Changes
Front Grille Changes

The Tucson-inspired face dark chrome treatment on the grill and subtle changes to the bumper help achieve a more premium look.

4. Rear Side Changes:

Rear Side Changes
Rear Side Changes

At the rear, the black strip connecting the two tail lights is gone but could be retained on the India spec model along with a seamless strip of LEDs similar to the new Hyundai venue, on the tail you continue to get the space Creta lettering.

5. Taillights Changes:

The design of the tail light may not look very different to you but there are a few changes here on the illuminated tail light you get this extension in the tail light which looks quite good.

You also get new detailing and a new crease so to say on the tailgate which again helps kill the monotony of the taillight that was a slight bit of a complaint.

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It was a common complaint, but a few people complained that the tailgate looked a bit too monotonous and a bit too drab.

Taillights Changes
Taillights Changes

The only striking element was the taillight but now with these additional bits just looks a little bit better than the outgoing car.

so overall this is a very handsome-looking facelift if you were to compare it to the outgoing Creta or even the previous Creta.

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