Ken Block Died in a snowmobile accident

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Ken Block Died: Ken Block, a rally driver, was killed in a snowmobile accident. Ken Block died while snowmobiling today, according to the rally driver’s Hoonigans social network

Ken Block Died: Highlight

  • Ken Block, was killed in a snowmobile accident
  • Block’s wife, posted a snapshot of the number 43
  • He was declared dead on the spot.
Ken Block Died Instagram Post
Ken Block Died: Source: Insta: @thehoonigans

On Instagram, the American Rally Association also expressed their sympathy.

Lucy Block, Block’s wife, posted a snapshot of the number 43, Block’s famed racing number, to her Instagram account.

snapshot of the number 43
Snapshot of the number 43

The Wasatch County Sheriff’s Office announced on social media that Block had been arrested for “a snowmobile ride

When the snowmobile overturned and landed on top of him, he was on a steep slope. He was declared dead at the spot.”

The Sheriff’s Office also stated that Block was riding with a group but was alone at the time.

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