Sony Afeela EV: Top 4 Keynotes

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The word fear is essential to this Mobility experience, which Sony is presenting under our new brand Afeela. The Sony Afeela EV depicts Sony’s concept of an interactive relationship in which individuals experience the sensation of intelligent mobility and mobility can detect and understand people and society through the use of sensing and AI technology.

Sony Afeela EV Top Highlights:

  • Use of sensing and AI technology.
  • Sony sensors and Honda Safety Features
  • A prototype is packed with 45 cameras and sensors
  • Inca cameras and time of flight sensors Tech.
  • Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS)
  • Best in UX and UI technology features
  • Sony using Qualcomm’s latest SoCs.
  • Sony’s intuitive interactive photorealistic augmentation feature
Sony Afeela EV Concept Car
Source: Sony

The appearance of the Sony Afeela EV concept automobile allows it to engage with people by exchanging various forms of information with those around it.

Sony intends to examine how, with the assistance of Sony’s partners and creative groups, medieval can build a fun and exciting Mobility experience.

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Safety and Security:

Sony Afeela EV Safety and Security
Source: Sony

Because safety and security are critical components of mobility, Sony will use Sony sensors and Honda Safety, as well as other intelligent technology.

The Sony Afeela EV prototype is packed with 45 cameras and sensors both inside and outside the car.

To avoid accidents, Inca cameras and time of flight sensors detect the driver’s status as well as the vehicle’s condition.

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ADAS Technology:

Sony Afeela EV ADAS
ADAS Technology

Sony hopes to achieve vehicle automation and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) industry standards by integrating these technologies with a maximum of 800 top-level high-performance resources.

Sony aims to create a unique cabin experience by leveraging its expertise in UX and UI technology. Sony and Qualcomm Technologies will collaborate closely.

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Sony Honda Mobility:

Sony Afeela EV Sony Honda Mobility
Source: Sony

Sony will give the Next Generation Mobility experience using Qualcomm’s latest SoCs.

Sony is extremely passionate about vehicles and the auto industry, and Sony is excited to see Sony and Sony Honda Mobility enter this creative world of interactive automotive technology.

Sony is tremendously passionate about automobiles and the automotive industry, and Sony is thrilled to see Sony and Sony Honda Mobility enter the creative world of interactive car technology.

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Sony Afeela EV Advanced Technologies:

Sony Afeela EV Advanced Technologies
Source: Sony

Sensors, Active Safety Systems, and Other Technologies have the ability to improve driving and passenger experiences.

The most natural method to visualize such data is through intuitive interactive photorealistic augmentation, which is exactly what Sony’s game engine was designed for.

As mobility evolves, so do user expectations, and a programmable, powerful solution like Unreal Engine enables these experiences to be not just cutting-edge, but also to change over time.

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