The Rivian R1S Keys Most Amazing Features

Last Updated on September 28, 2022 by Team Autoive

The Rivian R1S Car with the key situation is Pretty Cool because this is your key fob it looks neat it’s distinctive and it’s also a carabiner.

The Rivian R1S Key

The Rivian R1S Key 1

Which Works Perfectly with The Rivian R1S adventure lifestyle kind of motif.

Car Lock/Unlock Phone App

But that’s not your only key because you can also set up Your Phone to be used as a key using the Rivian app.

The Rivian R1S Key App

And then you can just walk up to the car it senses you’re there it unlocks and you don’t even have to carry a key with you or you can go into the app and unlock the car remotely.

The Rivian R1S Hidden Flashlight

The Rivian R1S Hidden Flashlight Feature

you discover inside the door panel a Flashlight this little piece here is a Hidden Flashlight that you can take out and Turn On and use just like a flashlight.

The Rivian R1S Hidden Flashlight

and when you’re done you stick it right back inside the door. and that’s not the only hidden portable thing in this car.

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