2024 Rolls-Royce Spectre Top 4 Things

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2024 Rolls-Royce Spectre: The quietest Rolls Royce ever and that silence is good to see its electric powertrain yup Rolls Royce is going all-electric in a big way and the Spectre will be its first-ever EV.

How much it will cost when it comes our way in 2024, now Rolls-Royce has top of the price just yet but has said the Spectre will be positioned between the Cullinan and Phantom.

Decoded that means we are looking at a price tag upwards of 7 crore Indian rupees in today’s money at the very minimum.

2024 Rolls-Royce Spectre Design:

2024 Rolls Royce Spectre Design
2024 Rolls-Royce Spectre Design

let’s talk more about the car, like the Phantom Cullinan and Ghost the Spectre is built on Rolls-Royce’s architecture of luxury.

The two-door four-seat Spectre was always envisioned to be an electric vehicle but is the spiritual successor to the Phantom coupe.

The overall shape with that fastback tail however is very rare whichever way you look at it though this is undeniably a Rolls-Royce.

2024 Rolls Royce Spectre interior
2024 Rolls-Royce Spectre Design:

The traditional Pantheon Grill is shorter but wider and its wanes are designed to enhance airflow in fact even the spirit of ecstasy figurine on the Bonnet has been reshaped to help aerodynamics which is the best of Rolls-Royce yet.

The Split headlamp look isn’t just to keep up with Trends it’s been a Rolls-Royce signature for a long over 5.4 meters long and 2 meters wide the Spectre is massive and even from the rear it looks imposing.


Rear hinge doors are your entry to the Spectre’s cabin through the interior isn’t radical as you’d expect a full EVS to be, the dashboard, for instance, is familiar Rolls-Royce no TV-size touchscreens here.

2024 Rolls Royce Spectre interior
2024 Rolls-Royce Spectre interior

That said the interactive dashboard panel in front of the passenger seat displays the car’s name surrounded by a cluster of more than 5000-star icons when the car is stationary.

The optional Starlight door panels contain over 4000 miniature LED lights representing stars, as always Rolls-Royce will cater to all your whims and fancies for a price.

2024 Rolls Royce Spectre interior
2024 Rolls-Royce Spectre interior

The company is categorically called the Spectre a four-seater and not a two-plus two and that suggests a properly roomy cabin even for those seated at the back.


Rolls Royce hasn’t talked about battery sizes yet but Buzz is it’ll be a 120-kilowatt-hour unit the battery is under flow position means it helps cut noise and as Rolls-Royce puts it it’s 700 Kgs of sound deadening.

in all the Spectre will weigh nearly 3 tons, it’s 585 horsepower and a 900 Newton meter electric motor will enable a 0-100 kph time for 4.5 seconds in testing the Spectre has delivered a 520-kilometre WLTP range.

Other Highlights:

Other highlights include four-wheel steering and an active suspension that reads the road and adjusts dampers and couples or decouples the anti-roll bars for the surface ahead.

The Spectre will go on sale in the last quarter of 2023 and deliveries to India will likely start in mid-2024.

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