2024 VW ID.7: 5 Key Points

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2024 VW ID.7: Volkswagen comes with a new electric vehicle on its electric portfolio, the 2024 VW ID.7, which will be available as a sedan.

2024 VW ID.7 Highlights:

  • The retro-style VW logo and headlamps
  • Could be cheaper than Tesla Model S
  • 2024 VW ID.7 will come with 20-inch alloy wheels
  • It’s a relatively flat Design, but not too flat
  • Very clean design at the rear
  • The range they claim is up to 700 kilometers or 435 miles
  • A new 15-inch screen for the AC unit
  • An intelligent climate control feature will also be available.

1. 2024 VW ID.7: Front Design:

2024 VW ID.7 Front Design
Front Design | VW

The front of the vehicle is particularly aerodynamic. The CD value will be between 0.23 and 0.24; the exact version will be announced later.

The retro-style VW logo and headlamps will fit, but the paint will hide them. Just a little bit

Also, the Hyundai ioniq 6 is significantly shorter, but it is expected to be less expensive than a Tesla Model S, and so on.

The 2024 VW ID.7 will come with 20-inch alloy wheels, which will be incredibly aerodynamic.

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2. Side Design:

2024 VW ID.7 Side Design
Side Design | VW

And you can be noticed that it’s relatively flat, but not too flat, so they still have some headroom on the interior, and it’s going all the way to the rear side for this aerodynamic effect because cars that should be aerodynamic have this effect.

An estate or shooting brake version will be available later, but this one on the 2024 VW ID.7 is already available.

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3. Rear Design:

2024 VW ID.7: Rear Design
Rear Design | VW

The very clean design is also present at the back end; we already know that the light strip will extend all the way through, but the camo wrap wraps it here as well.

The range they claim is up to 700 kilometers or 435 miles, but that is based on the official driving cycle; a more realistic figure could be 600 kilometers or 370 miles, which speaks to the fact that they will deploy larger batteries than before, as well as advancements in aerodynamics.

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4. Interior:

2024 VW ID.7 Interior
Interior | VW

The main news for the interior is that there will be a new 15-inch screen for the AC unit, as well as lit sliders; there are no real buttons presently, but they will return to real buttons. Volkswagen has unveiled the upcoming models, and this slider has already been picked for this model.

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5. Intelligent Climate Control:

2024 VW ID.7 intelligent climate control
Intelligent Climate Control | VW

There is intelligent climate control, for example, if you speak to the voice assistant and say, “Oh, my hands are cold,” the heated steel is activated, and the events with the airflow are changed in such a way that they blow warm air towards your hands.

So you cannot control them manually now, but these air vents are then intelligently changeable, all depending on what you actually want or control in the infotainment system.

Also, there will be more integration, not standing upright, but more integration, into that entire dash, of course, a very clean atmosphere some more Tesla-like, especially like the Tesla Model 3, but we will have digital instruments, which will be very important.

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