Polestar 3 Exterior Review: Top Features

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Polestar 3 Exterior: The Polestar 3, the Volvo EX90’s electric vehicle brother, will be a seven-seater version of the Polestar 3 SUV. This is supposed to be a five-seat model. It is, however, a huge, full-size electric SUV.

Polestar 3 Exterior Highlights:

  • The exterior is very stunning
  • The aerodynamics is very great
  • Less priced than the Volvo EX90
  • Wheels are upgraded from 21 to 22 inches

Front Design:

Polestar 3 Front Design
Source: Polestar

The exterior styling of the Polestar 3 is very stunning. The LED signature is Thor’s hammer, and the color is “Thunder”; everything is done in a Nordic style.

Aerodynamics is, of course, very essential, especially for electric vehicles, because wind resistance specifies two-thirds of highway and autobahn consumption above 100 kph (60 mph).

Polestar began as a Volvo performance brand. In the meanwhile, they’re all electric, of course. But here’s the kicker: the Polestar 3 will be less priced than the Volvo EX90.

Isn’t it also a fascinating proposition? The all-wheel drive concept entails one electric motor in front and one in the back. You either obtain a five-second acceleration figure or you don’t. 4.7 seconds with the Performance Pack.

Side Design:

Polestar 3 Side Design
Source: Polestar

The use of air suspension is standard. Once again, the performance pack. This car is outfitted with it. The air suspension is stronger, and the wheels are upgraded from 21 to 22 inches.

The side mirrors appear to be folded in, although this is only a visual illusion due to the lack of a frame. And it looks fantastic, with extremely cool styling.

The window line is level. So, a decade ago, this was a concept vehicle design. It is now a daily reality. Then there’s the rising shoulder line or hip line to create very, really strong hips to allow you to accelerate completely.

Rear Design:

Polestar 3 Rear Design
Source: Polestar

What a modern, sleek design with a light signature in the back. Also, when viewed from the top, it shines through.

The point of view, you know, is a simple, clean, and probably a bit bulky design.

Polestar 3 Review

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