2023 Honda Accord Exterior First Look

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2023 Honda Accord Exterior First Look: the completely redesigned 2023 Accord the company says has Boulder styling a more premium interior and an even more electrified powertrain under the hood.

2023 Honda Accord Exterior First Look of Engine:

2023 Honda Accord Engine
2023 Honda Accord Engine:

The previous generation offered a choice of three different powertrains however Honda has dropped the higher output 2-liter Turbo from the option list which means the base model Accords the LX and ex trims will get the company’s 1.5-liter turbo direct injection four-cylinder making around 192 horsepower and 192 pound-feet of torque it’s paired with a CVT.

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However, most trims, if you guys go for the sport and up trim, will actually come as a hybrid that’s right Honda is kind of following the same philosophy that they did with the CRV want over 50 of Accord sales to be hybridized, or electrified which means we have the same 2-liter naturally aspirated direct injection four-cylinder with VTEC paired up with their two-motor hybrid system.

2023 Honda Accord Front Design:

All new 11th generation Accord now Honda’s been kind of teasing this vehicle for the past couple of weeks and, the 2023 Honda Accord beautiful shade of radiant red in this top-of-the-line Touring trim.

Honda is going it’s still kind of a restrained design but that’s kind of the way the Accord has always been all models will come with full LED headlights, and the touring has an LED daytime running light with LED low and high beams.

2023 Honda Accord Front Design
2023 Honda Accord Front Design:

However, Honda looks like they’ve removed the fog lights off of the top trims which some of you may miss. this is a little bit of a cleaner look but some of you really prefer the design of the look with fog lights the lower front splitter has kind of like a black-painted accent along with these well-integrated parking sensors.

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The Grille is a lot much larger this year it kind of has a really interesting kind of squared design at the bottom with the well-integrated Honda Logo which integrates their next generation honda Sensors.

And overall in the design, the Accord definitely looks wider it looks lower it’s built off of their next Generation platform that it also shares with the new generation honda civic.

2023 Honda Accord Side Profile
2023 Honda Accord Side Profile:

In the side profile of this vehicle, Honda actually mentioned that the overall length has been stretched by about 2.8 inches which means this vehicle is a little over 195 inches long according to their spec sheet definitely looks long remember this is the biggest vehicle that they make so it’s technically their Flagship.

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The wheels for this vehicle, Honda will offer a choice of either a 17 or a 19-inch wheel the touring grade has the 19-inch wheel option it’s kind of like got this two-spoke or two-tone design with the black inner spokes with the machine finish wrapped in a 235 40 series tires they definitely fill out the wheel wells nicely.

The 2023 Honda Accord has a little bit of a sportier design theme now sadly there is no panoramic roof Honda would offer that feature but a sunroof will be standard on most of the higher trims and up there are also these well-integrated turn signals in the actual side mirrors.

2023 Honda Accord Rear Design:

2023 Honda Accord Rear Design:
2023 Honda Accord Rear Design:

The design definitely got a lot sleeker this year in fact this design reminds me a lot of the current generation Audi A7 a very beautiful German sedan kind of has this really nice Sport back design although this is a conventional sedan.

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The 2023 Honda Accord touring got a full-length LED tail light design which also includes an LED turn signal along with the LED brake light the LED tail light kind of has this continuous light but doesn’t quite connect the two tail lights together.

The Honda Logo on the rear side is actually on the small side, it’s kind of surprising to see the small H logo where a lot of brands are going much larger.

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