2023 Honda Civic: Top 6 Interior Features

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2023 Honda Civic: The Civic is currently in its 10th generation, which is why pretty much everyone in America has had some experience with a Civic.

Last year, this popular model was fully redesigned, and for 2023, Honda has made some adjustments to the lineup.

2023 Honda Civic: Top 6 Interior Features:

  • Good Seat Quality
  • Great Material Quality
  • Faux carbon fiber finish
  • 10.2-inch full-digital gauge cluster
  • Premium Audio System
  • Standard start push-button

1. Seat Quality:

2023 Honda Civic Seat Quality
2023 Honda Civic Seat:

You are going to have cloth seating on the Sport trim level as well as the EX trim level, and then when you get to the Touring trim level, that’s where you’ll get the leather.

In terms of your color choices, you will have black or grey options on EX and touring, but the sport is going to be black only.

As far as the leather quality, it is very nice, like all the nice perforations that Honda has put in the seats.

They do have color-contrast stitching. Overall, the seats are very comfortable, even on a long road trip.

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2. Great Material Quality:

2023 Honda Civic Great Material Quality
2023 Honda Civic: Material Quality

The overall material quality starts with the door having a nice leather pad with stitching detail.

It is going to be finished with leather as well and has a piano black accent soft-touch plastic along the top.

Continuing to the upper dashboard all is going to be finished in a really nice and high-quality soft-touch plastic.

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3. Center Panel Features:

2023 Honda Civic Center Panel Features
2023 Honda Civic: Center Panel Features

As you get closer to the center, you’ll notice that the Civic, of course, started the single-vent trend that we’ve now seen proliferate across the entire Honda lineup.

It looks really nice in the Civic as well, and you do have that mesh design as well as the piano black tracing around the outside edges.

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4. Lower Panel Features:

Honda Civic 2023 Lower Panel Features
Honda Civic 2023: Lower Panel Features

In the lower panel, we do have a faux carbon fiber finish in the lower panel area with no padding along the center console, but that’s not really expected of a vehicle in this class.

And everything in the lower panel area does fit together extremely nicely, as we would expect from a Honda product.

On the left top side of the lower panel, you do have a standard start push-button on this new Consolidated lineup.

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5. Gauge Cluster Features:

Honda Civic 2023 Gauge Cluster
Honda Civic 2023: Gauge Cluster

In the Civic Touring trim, you will be greeted with one of the premium features of this new generation.

They’ve included a 10.2-inch full-digital gauge cluster, which is definitely nice.

Because the Next Generation CRV does not have a fully digital display.

It is somewhat customizable, so you can scroll through various kinds of information.

If you get one of the other trim levels, you’ll have a half-digital, half-analog setup instead.

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6. Premium Audio System:

2023 Honda Civic Premium Audio System
2023 Honda Civic: Premium Audio System

The overall sound quality of this system is pretty good; it’s definitely one of the better-sounding systems in this class of vehicle.

Typically, the sound systems can be really nice. Honda is making available a branded sound system that really fills up the cabin well and produces a lot of Bass.

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