2023 Honda Pilot: Drivetrain and Chassis

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2023 Honda Pilot: Every Pilot comes with a redesigned 3.5-liter V6 engine producing 285 horsepower and 263 pound-feet of torque.

2023 Honda Pilot: Drivetrain and Chassis Highlight:

  • Redesigned 3.5-liter V6 Engine
  • 285 HP, 263 lb-ft Torque
  • 2nd Generation 10-speed automatic transmission
  • 2nd Generation iVTM-4 AWD System
  • Available on all trims, Standard on Transport, Elite
  • Intelligent traction management system (2WD models ) with 5 driving modes
  • Add 2 additional driving modes: Trail and Sand
  • Drivetrain & Chassis improvements

2nd Generation 10-speed Automatic Transmission:

2023 Honda Pilot : 10-speed Automatic Transmission
2023 Honda Pilot: 10-speed Automatic Transmission

made it to Honda’s second-generation 10-speed automatic transmission. This combination provides plenty of acceleration power as well as lots of low-end torque for off-highway driving and towing.

2nd Generation iVTM-4 AWD System:

2023 Honda Pilot iVTM-4 AWD System
2023 Honda Pilot iVTM-4 AWD System

And for the best performance whether on-road or off Honda’s new Second Generation iVTM-4, an all-wheel-drive system is available on all trims but is standard on Trailsport and Elite.

The Trailsport iVTM-4 optimizes torque distribution to help the driver maintain control in every driving situation.

Honda really wanted to make sure drivers could optimise the new Pilot’s capabilities no matter the conditions.

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Intelligent Traction Management System:

So the intelligent traction management system on two-wheel drive Pilots Now features five modes including a new Sport and Tow modes.

Add 2 additional driving modes: Trail and Sand:

Driving modes: Trail and Sand
Driving modes: Trail and Sand

All-wheel drive models go even further with two additional modes for off-road performance Trail and Sand

Really, no stone was left unturned when it came to redesigning the Pilot to be the most capable, best-performing three-row SUV Honda could make.

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Drivetrain & Chassis improvements:

2023 Honda Pilot
2023 Honda Pilot Trailsport

The steering is tighter with the quick response the brakes are bigger the chassis stiffer yet the ride is even quieter and more comfortable.

The pilot Trailsport is a legitimate off-road capable SUV and with every Improvement, Honda added to the Trailsport was designed to support this mission.

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