The New BMW XM with a Freshly Exterior Design

Last Updated on September 29, 2022 by Team Autoive

The new BMW XM is the most powerful Road car BMW has ever made and it’s the first car built exclusively for the M division since the M1 Supercar from the 1970s.


The new BMW XM also comes with a brand new hybrid system that gives it more power than any other SUV on sale including the brand New Ferrari Purosangue.

brand new hybrid system

BMW XM Design:

The new BMW XM looks very similar to the XM concept that was revealed last year they turn concept cars into road cars.

BMW XM concept car

With near identical Split Headlights with Hidden main beams, you get 21-inch wheels as standard but most bars will probably upgrade to the optional 22 or even 23-inch Alloys to really fill the XM squared-off wheel launches.

Split Headlights with Hidden main beams
21-inch wheels as standard

The side skirts aren’t quite as massive as the ones on the concept but the sloping roof line and the contrasting bits of trim around the windows are very similar.

similar roof line

The same story at the back the rear lights have an equally sharp design and you get a massive rear diffuser with four exhaust pipes arranged in two vertical Stacks.

BMW XM Rear Design:

Rear Lights Sharp Design
massive rear diffuser with four exhaust pipes arranged in two vertical Stacks

In the top corners of the rear windscreen and you’ll spot two engraved BMW logos that are inspired by the original M1 Supercar it’s definitely an imposing-looking design.

two engraved BMW logos

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