Elon Musk says Cybertruck will be waterproof

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To Serve as a Boat for Crossing Rivers, for short Periods of time

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Elon Musk announced on Twitter about this

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Cybertruck can cross Rivers, Lakes and even Oceans - Elon Musk

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The objective is for a Cybertruck to have the option to Cross the Water between...

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SpaceX's Starbase and South Padre Island in Texas

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Cybertruck would have the option to go in the water for around 360 Meters (1,100 feet)

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Which is the most limited distance in the Brazos Santiago Pass

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A few years ago, Musk said the Model S could almost be used as a boat

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In 2020, Musk said people would be able to turn a Cybertruck into a boat

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